The Coconut is the Perfect Health Nut -- New Book Reveals In-depth Studies and Natural Benefits of the Coconut
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Date : Wednesday, July 20, 2005

MAKATI CITY, Philippines, July 20, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Around the world, and for so many years, people have kept to the belief that the coconut is a very unhealthy fruit. Why? The reasons are unclear, but this thought has become such a habit, people continue to avoid coconuts like the plague. Yet, this nut keeps coming back and again it is in the news.

So, is it really bad, or is it in fact good? Is it just hype or is there truth to it? If so, what are people around the globe missing when it comes to coconuts? Dr. Vermen M. Verallo-Rowell answers your questions in her groundbreaking book titled Rx: Coconuts! (The Perfect Health Nut): How the Coconut Can Enhance Your Life and Well-Being.

Her book is a quest to educate readers on why the coconut is the perfect health nut. In Rx: Coconuts!, she explains that coconuts are not just delicious fruits but they are also very beneficial to people's health. Through numerous ways, she explains why coconuts are beneficial for the human heart, how they can help in making us more resistant against cancer, how skin improves and becomes reinvigorated. The book has tables that show the calorie differences among different oils, and why coconuts can make us lose weight. Despite being a saturated fat, coconut oil is 100 percent cholesterol free and it is safe to consume, even for dieters.

There's more! The book explains that coconuts can give people natural antibiotics, which can control acne and disinfect skin. Dr. Verallo-Rowell created special guides and easy-to-understand narrations covering a wide range of topics that include data about the different kinds of fats; coconuts' direct benefits for improving skin and hair beauty; the many types of coconuts; and the benefits human cells receive from them. Not to be outdone is the author's inclusion of coconut recipes, which make the book an instant prescription for readers seeking a healthy diet and a vibrant lifestyle.

The huge amount of credible information and believable facts in it, Rx: Coconuts! (The Perfect Health Nut) can be appealing to a wide range of readers, from scientists, doctors, teachers, athletes, patients, students, dieters, health-conscious people and people who wish to improve their looks. With many years of research, dermatology and medicine behind her, Dr. Verallo-Rowell crafted her book specifically to give people a real understanding of the fats and oils they consume; to help people make intelligent choices; to help them gain benefits from coconuts in all forms; and ultimately to help people improve their health and beauty without spending too much money, or time.

To her credit, Dr. Verallo-Rowell herself has won awards in dermatology, medicine, education, and lives the Coconut Lifestyle she prescribes. As expected, at 66, she looks young, is vibrant, healthy, and a perfect model for a user of the Perfect Health Nut. Readers are highly encouraged to buy a copy of Rx: Coconuts! (The Perfect Health Nut) at their favorite book store and library.

About the Author

Dr. Verallo-Rowell is an award-winning dermatologist, medical researcher, teacher, and published author of numerous dermatologic studies. After almost a decade of research on the coconut, she lives the Rx: Coconut Lifestyle and has shared its benefits with hundreds of her successfully-treated (and now coconut-happy!) patients.

Rx: Coconuts! (The Perfect Health Nut)
by Vermen M. Verallo-Rowell
How the Coconut Can Enhance Your Life and Well-Being

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Rx: Coconuts! (The Perfect Health Nut)

“Expounds on the clinical usefulness of our discovery on monoglycerides… A must read for anyone concerned with their health and the way they look… I wish I could write half as well.” — Jon Kabara, B.S., M.S., Chicago, IL

“An enlightening read on coconut oil’s efficacy for various skin problems, infections and precancerous lesions… Ideal for the dermatologist and the average person interested in skin care, weight control and all aspects of their health” — Conrado S. Dayrit, M.D., FACC, Fellow, American College of Cardiologists, FPCP, FPCC

“..once I started, I could not put it down!!!” — Adolf Oriña, Retired U.S. MD, Baguio, Philippines

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